Unpacking and Setting Up New Home

When moving house, the main focus is often on packing up, arranging removalists and getting everything out of the old house on time. Understandably so. But once this has all been finalised and you have made your move, the last thing you want to do is sit in your new home surrounded by boxes.  But sometimes you just don’t have the energy to start unpacking.

Autumn Moves want to see you happy, relaxed and comfortable in your new home, so after helping you make the move, we won’t leave you to your own devices!   You can go about your daily business and have us unpack and set up your new home. We are meticulous note takers, so we can re-create your old set up or if you prefer, work with you to achieve a new layout.

If you find your old furniture doesn’t suit, or it is simply time for a refresh, Autumn Moves can assist you with sourcing the new furniture for your home.

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